Follow to ur heart, listen to your inner voice♥️

I was usually afraid of making the wrong choice and unsure of how to know whether I was making the right choice. Aside from any question about right verses wrong choices, I worried about what other would think, or how other would feel if I made this or that choice.

As far as my point of views when there is no way and don’t understand. What should I do?? Then always you”follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think”.

I also learned how to tune into my heart with heart focused meditation.I discovered that my heart would always tell me what I really needed there was always one clear answer from the heart about what was right for me in any given situation and when I experimented with action of those choice, the outcomes were always good and I never felt doubt or regret there was a consistent sense of acting in alignment with my true self my true purpose…. my truth. When u. Mindfully tuned into your heart, when you separate from your thoughts and emotional reaction you discover that the heart has a very clear, although sometimes, a very subtle way of saying “yes” or “no”. ♥️♥️♥️


10 thoughts on “Follow to ur heart, listen to your inner voice♥️

  1. I’m a person that follows my heart but am always told I should listen to my mind more instead. People think they get further by listening to their mind but I believe I will be happier listening to my heart, so I will continue … ❤

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