When I met u first time♥️

That moment when I met u first

Time with a look on your face

Telling me that

Yes you are mine ❤️

Thank you for coming

Into my life thank you

For making me smile

Thank u for making me

Happy you walked into

my life and made me realize

why it never worked out with

Anyone else

When I meet you first time

I think my heart❤️

Skipped a beat when I

Saw you first time

I saw beauty in you

When you saw my flaws

Every time I look at the

Keyboard I see that

U and i

Are also together

I still remember those days

when I use to see u by hidding

Those small eyes

Those cute smile in your face

I believe… I knew…… I was in love

With you♥️♥️♥️

I still remember the first day

When I met you first time



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