To be a woman’s brave story of abuse, shame and survival

This story is not being shared to create and controversy. Through this story we are analyzing the main reasons behind this case in order to create awareness among people so that such issues can be overcome in the our future.

In this society, where the sexual abuses are increasing day by day, every single person has a set of responsibilities and so. She requested not to mention her name because she told me that she was going to share her story to create awareness among parents.

She tells me”when I was 5 years old, I was abused by a servant whom my parents trusted the most. Both of my parents had a job and they used to leave me at home under the supervision of the servant who gave me an evil eyes always. When I was in the kitchen, he used to touch and hold my body. At that time, I was so young i could not realize that the servant was harrasing me sexually butt I used to feel that it was a bad touch. Another time, she was sexually abused by her uncle at the age of 10 about which. She explained “My uncle abused me once. He touched my body through which I felt uncomfortable and I hv not liked it butt I could not stop him. He did all this only once butt it ruined my whole life.

I started to feel the irritation when I showed offenciveness from that uncle in front of my parents and nothing else. Hence they did not take the matter into consideration and my uncle was given a free hand to do anything to me.

The time kept on passing away and many things had changed around her with Tha passage of time. The only thing that she could not change was those bad thoughts that she could never delete her memory,what about poor girl, who has lost her confidence.whose social circle has been affected and who cannot even interact the people.

She told clearly both of her parents and their jobs and it means she used to spend her maximum time with the servants, brother or anyone else.

It has been observed that working parents leave their kids in the supervision of servants cook or even drivers. These people may keep an evil eyes on your innocent kids and can harras them in any way. It’s better to pick and drop your kids to yourself otherwise aware your kids.


29 thoughts on “To be a woman’s brave story of abuse, shame and survival

  1. Great share! Powerful message about responsibilities that working parents towards their children should be aware of possible abuses and prevention to avoid mishappenings! Keep blogging and keep inspiring ! Great work!

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  2. Nice you shared. Itโ€™s such a topic that I donโ€™t know what to express.. it sometimes gives a feeling of hip lends that why females are treated only as an object. So much thirst of sex is filled in males that they donโ€™t have anything else to thing beyond that line.
    Wish someday men too face such situations to make them understand how it feels.

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  3. You shouldn’t bring any child to this world if you’re unable to fully take care of them physically and mentally…I believe such parents need to be punished! and when the parents are the abusers, here it’s the biggest disaster…I don’t know how to find a way to save the child and sanction the parents…It’s really a nightmare…the worst thing that can happen…How you bring an innocent creature to this life just to ruin their lives…

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