When u can’t comment on my post😢

Hi frds, I m new here and I want to be some post write my blog butt when no one dsn,t comment on my post, then I feel very bad, because I h’ve been commenting all day on all of your post. This is the second time it has happened to me butt it feels very painful. I Wana know actually how many people can see my post.

As far as my point of view I hv not been able to like or comment all of your post,butt inshallah soon I will catch up all of ur post.

In the end of my post I want to ask something about my post,so tell me about my post on comments.


Happy new year 2019❤️

Happy new year 2019. January 1 has
Always been an important day for
Almost everyone. It is on this day
Of the year when many people
Attempt to forget their bad experiences and start thing afresh
With a bunch of new resolutions
And promises. For many the ushering
In of a new year brings with it new
Hopes and promises of a better tomorrow, a better future.

What is love??

Love is a feeling that is pure

With a instant longing and allure

But some people don’t believe in this

They just play wid your feelings

They end your world in a flash

Leaving behind some traces of pain

Some tears and crying in vain

You are also the same

You did not take the blame

For breaking my heart

My first post

Blogger is a easy source of income butt content coppy writing people dsn’t include in blogger,that,s
A good way source of income butt if we write ourself not coppy writing. In internet, such a many ways through income source butt blogging is a easy way to earn make money. IF we work hard,
Ourself type   post article we succeed to make a problogger.
In world everything is possible, nothing is impossible in our world. If we are following right
Way, we succeed in everything in our life. Butt some people following wrong ways that’s y they
Always fed up their life.
Now a days I m free at home. My education is complete. I m graduate computer science. I want to write those things which write myself don’t coppy write,that’s y I m going to b decide write post on blogg. I want that I m a top of blogger like many famous blogger,when I read history all famous blogger then I decided I write a blogg which write myself.
All people who read my post, tell me about my every post and plz comment. How’s a post good or bad,beacause I want to take idea all those people including uncle, anti, frds  sis, bro everyone tell me
About my post, then I want to take my decision to type more article.
Thank u so much who’s people who read my post
And also thanx who’s people who read not my post. So plz tell me I m able to write a post on blogger or not y, so tell me comment. Allah hafiz